I have to confess, I'm in love with the cakes from pink cake box. I might even be obsessed because I can't stop downloading cake pictures to my computer. There's something magical about these cakes. I don't know what it is, but I'm caught in the web of gorgeous cakes that should be art. Am I right? You be the judge!
Oh, cake! You are so beautiful. I think I'm in love! How about you?



Remember when menu cards at weddings were typically your basic white card with formal print? Not so much these days. So many of todays menu cards are colorful expressions of the Bride and the wedding theme. This Electric Menu Card is stylish, romantic and sexy. Sure to impress!

I love the look of the Naturally Menu Card. It reminds me of days gone by, a trip to a time forgotten, if you will. I think they're stunning.
The Together Menu Card is crisp and clean and features the newlyweds initials. Now that's a statement!
The Distinction Menu Card is almost Victorian in grace and grandeur. I love this card and would call it glorious!
Break out the palm fronds, let's have a tropical wedding, or beach wedding. These Tropics Menu Cards are sweetly sublime.

It's wonderful that we have so many choices today. Don't be overwhelmed, have fun with it. Remember, it's your day and your day only, so have it your way!

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I'm over the moon for these cookies by Eleni's. They're more like mini works of art. Can't you just see them at your reception? How about the Bridal Shower?

I love these little wedding cake cookies, and there's lots to choose from. They're so darling with their little flowers and swirls. Love em! Yum!

The monogram cookies are definitely crazy cool. I love the detail. So sweet I want to gobble 'em all up! All from Eleni's. Incredible edibles.


It's nice to think that the "Wild West" is still with us in spirit. I love this Western Cake Topper from Weddingstar. It's whimsical and it sets a statement, yet it's the perfect topper for a Western Themed Wedding.

Now for some fashion. These Bride and Groom "Cowboy" Hats would certainly take center stage as you walked down the aisle. Or maybe you'll use them to exit the reception to head out on your honeymoon adventure. The romantic Western Garters have tiny horseshoes and cord to enhance them and give them a real western flair.
Here's the rest of the accessories you'll need to complete your Romantic Vintage Western wedding! The ring bearer pillow, the flower girl basket and the "roped into love" placecards. Yeehaw!!

As you ride off into the sunset I have only one thing to say to you..."Giddyup, and may the spirit of the west follow you for the rest of your days!"



Look what we found. These delectable, edible delights from Elenis are perfect for this Election Day! They're like little works of art. Wouldn't it be fun to take a batch of these to the polls to share with the other voters?

So, who's getting married today? Wouldn't these be a grand display at the reception? Come on, we know you're out there! Who couldn't resist these red white and blue confections? More beautiful cookies by Elenis. You could tie the knot and vote all at the same time! What a cool occasion.

I'm proud of everyone voting this year. It's gratifying to see everyone finally taking an interest in who our new President will be. Kudos to you all!



Check our these adorable bride dress and groom tux favor bags. The perfect place to hide colorful candies, or black and white jelly beans (as shown). In black and white I would call them classic.

These stacked monogramed stickers are a great way to seal your evelopes, favor boxes or just plain leave your mark.

I love these "oh so sweet" ring bags. These stylish pouches have been created to provide a safe yet romantic way to protect your precious wedding bands until they are exchanged during the marriage ceremony.

Favors are such an inexpensive way to dress up your special day. I love going through all the webpages getting great ideas and making new discoveries. You should try it sometime. You never know when you'll accidently find the perfect theme for your perfect day!


Preview my new product!

I'm working on my new invitation site. I really can't wait to get it up and running. It's going to be scrumptous! The new trend in invitations is chic and sexy. I love them and I think you will too!

This is just a sneak preview because there is so much work to do, and so many more invitations to drool over.

I'll let you all know when I'm up and running. I hope you all will stop by and see me!