Turn back the clocks!

If you got married today you have an extra hour to sleep (or whatever) tonight. I love it when the time changes. Again, something that signals the cooling down of my part of the planet and "The Holidays". Best of all, no more getting up in the dark. Yippee! I know it gets darker earlier but with that comes the advent of open windows and cooler nights. We don't get much of that here in South Florida so, when it happens, it's an event.

The other side of the coin is that winter weddings are just a breath away. I love the winter favors with their cool frosty colors and intricate detail. Just think, white gowns for the brides with deep rich colors for the bridesmaids in ruby reds, emerald greens, midnight blues. Don't you just love the lush colors?

Now imagine a horse drawn sleigh delivering you to the church and you've created the perfect winter wedding!!!

So, before you hit the hay tonight be sure to turn all your clocks back or you might be late for a very important date tomorrow. Happy turning back!


Don't you love halloween(?) and other wedding ideas!

Halloween is my signal. It means the change of seasons, the coming of "The Holiday's", my favorite time of the year. I love the fall. Autumn leaves, crisp cool days, freezing nights. What a great time for a wedding!

Better yet, are the fall favors. Browns, golds and reds to celebrate the turning of the leaves and the end of summer. To take the colors of fall and turning it into an enchanted evening. Lush colors for the bridesmaids, autumn leaves suspended in the centerpieces, even pumpkins if you dare! It's all about the theme and the colors and how you want your special day to feel. Remember, it's all about you!!! So don't be afraid of the fall, embrace it! Marrying the guy you love in the cool autumn air is better than chocolate! Plus, it's a great time to take a tropical honeymoon. Coming back with a tan is always a treat!

While I'm at it, look what I found dancing in the woods tonight...
Happy Halloween!!!


Wedding Favors! How to Choose the Right (and inexpensive) Favors For Your Wedding.

In today's market it's nice to know that you can still have that dream wedding even if you are on a smaller budget. Favors are one way to gear up your wedding and make it look lavish without putting a big hole in your pocket.

Wedding favors have been a wedding tradition since the 15th and 16th century. It's hard to believe that when Victorian brides and grooms gave out knots of ribbon and lace to their guests they were starting a trend that would span and grow over the centuries. Here we are today with such a vast selection of wedding favors to choose from, it can make your head spin.

When planning your wedding you must start with your theme. This means that you want your wedding to look a certain way, to have a certain feel, and most of all be an expression of you. What do you love? Are you a beach lover? Are you a wine connoisseur? Is it Vegas that rocks your boat? What about Asian? Perhaps traditional? All of these favors can be found on the web at very reasonable prices.

The seasons are certainly a lovely way to carry out a theme. Spring, summer, fall and winter favors are precious ways to say I do! Matching the seasons gives you flexibilty with all your wedding decorations including centerpieces and color themes. These days you have so many choices that making up your mind might be a challenge. However, some of you know exactly what you want. Bravo!

Some brides want to take a color (or two or three) and make it their theme. This is a great way to add personal flair and creativity to your celebration. Colors can be carried over into the bouquet, the cake, the bridesmaids dresses, even the cummerbund. Remember, it's your dream, your way.

The point is that you can use favors to set the mood for your entire celebration. Today's bride might even want to make her own. This is a distinctly creative way to really create your big day with your own signature twist. However with our busy schedules that's not always an option. Luckily, the web now is home to thousands of favor sites. So, whatever your taste, you'll be sure to find the perfect touch for your special day.

The weddings of today are a glamorous occasion filled with romance, friendship and family. Favors (especially personalized) are the reminder that this day was special and how much you care about your guests. It's your way of saying thank you for sharing your special day.


It's your day! Don't sweat the small stuff!

Oh joy! You're getting married. Happy, warm, fuzzy feelings.

Oh God! You're getting married. Panic and more panic! What now?

So, one thing at a time, and remember, don't sweat the small stuff. You are marrying the man of your dreams, the love of your life. You'll remember HIM at the wedding and the vows you make that day, not the cake that fell, or the decorations in the wrong color. It's your wedding day. Wow, imagine that. You're getting married. Congratulations!

So, once the panic subsides it's time to get busy. That's right, busy planning and organizing, making lists and more lists. It's all going to be ok, I promise. People do it every day. You're going to be fine!

I recommend listening to your instincts and what feels right for you and sticking to it. Your family and friends will want to contribute and that's wonderful. However, this is your day so gently thank them, use the ideas you love and then do what YOU want. Remember, attitude is everything. Please, please, please don't turn into Bridezilla. Chill, breathe and remember to be kind.

Remember, you have options. If something doesn't work out in your planning, it's ok. You'll be sure to find something to replace it that you might love even more. The point is that you have to be flexible and recognize that it's the journey, not the destination. This is the time of your life, so take a night out with the girls and de-stress, or take a getaway weekend with the groom-to-be and remember that this day is about love and romance. It's the foibles and gnarly bits that will have you laughing years from now and you tell the story to your kids and grandkids.
So, for now, get out there and have fun with it. You'll be happier for it!


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