I love chocolate! There, I've said it. So, in keeping with my love I just had to show you these charming little personalized candy wrappers from Joyful Invitations. Can't you just see these at your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or reception? Why not just keep them on hand to give out during the planning stage to vendors and friends. I love these and think you will too!!!



This year Thanksgiving and the "Holidays" feels so different from any other year. Rather than dwelling on the negative I think it's time to feel thankful for what we really have, to have gratitude for the daily things in our life that we overlook or take for granted. Look around you. What are you grateful for? I know I'm grateful to have a wonderful, loving husband, a great roof over my head, and my two dogs, Noodle and Max. I lost my job due to the economy, and at first I was freaked. But, what I've learned through this experience is that when the Universe gives you lemons, make lemonade. So, here I am creating wedding websites and blogs and I couldn't be happier. Is it paying the bills? Not yet, but I'm ever so hopeful, and there's always going back to work if I have to. Whatever it takes.

I think an important key to getting through this economical uncertainty is to write in a "gratitude journal" every day. When our thoughts are directed towards the good in our life it drains the power out of what we perceive as "bad". Being grateful is the most potent way I know to battle fear. Also, living in the "now" is an amazing way to conquer fear. Just sit very still and talk to yourself. Tell yourself that right now, this very second, you're safe and secure, and really feel it. Feel safe, feel secure. Now, tell yourself that worrying about the future is only taking away from the safety of the "now". It is not productive to worry about something that hasn't happened, or might not even happen. Be in the now, enjoy and cherish the now, pray often, be grateful and things will look and be much brighter.

This Thanksgiving I want to send all of you out there in the blogsphere peace, love and happiness. That is my wish for you! Happy"Thankful" Thanksgiving!



You can see all of these precious placecard holders at Joyful Party Favors. It's a great selection for every theme imaginable. Adorable!



It had to happen, what with HBO's smash hit "TrueBlood" and the release of "Twilight". That's right, the Vampire themed wedding. I'm cool with it, so I've put together a little sometin' sometin' for our Vampire Bride.

I think this would be the perfect invite. "Wrapped in Flowers" by Something Different certainly has a Victorian/Goth look, luxurious and ripe in red and black. Perfect for every Vamp and her entourage.
This Asian inspired candle favor from Joyful Party Favors certainly lends the right ambience as a decoration or a takeaway little flame for the castle. The color is certainly right!

In keeping with the flow, I certainly think this gorgeous cake from Pink Cake Box embraces our black and red Vampire theme just nicely. Think blood red table clothes with black table settings, dripping candles and thick red wine. Lovely.

The bouquet of red roses by Your Wedding Company stikes just the right note. Lush and red as if bursting with lifeblood it's perfect against the white of your gown. So striking, so elegant, so Vampire. It's great to see that with the myriad of selections in todays wedding world there's certain to something for everyone, even you!