What about the wedding favors? What about the flowers? What about the invitations, the DJ, the photographer, the reception hall, the church, the food, the decorations, the cake, just to mention a few? Do you really need a planner to help you sort through all this? This is not a simple yes or no answer.

The first thing to consider is your wedding budget. If this is a large well funded affair I would certainly recommend finding a good wedding planner to assist you with all the details and keep everything on track. But, what about those of you feeling the crunch? What should you do? Amazingly enough a lot of planners are hoping to help those feeling the financial squeeze so it's worth it to call around and see what your local wedding planners have to say. These days, most are willing to work with you.

If you're well organized with time to spare and actually want to do it yourself, planning and instituting your own wedding can be a joyful experience! Just keep a good diary planner on hand and refer to it for every little thing and you'll do great! If you're not organized and have a smaller budget why not find a friend who's the organization-diva and ask her to step in and help. This works really well if she's already part of the wedding party!

Keeping track of all the details will put you on the right track to a successful, stress free (well almost) wedding. Happy planning!
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Did you know that I write the wedding column for Best Ever You magazine? If you don't know you should definitely check it out. I answer real wedding questions from real readers, like you. In fact, last night's blog on "How Many Invitations Do I Need To Order?" was the article I wrote last month for January's issue.

Here's the thing, all this information, and more is on my website, Joyful Invitations where you can check out my Invitation Guide and FAQ for most of your invitation questions. However, no matter your wedding question, you can direct it to me at Best Ever You and I'll be happy to address the question in next months issue! You can watch for it here next month as Tip #2.

Thanks to everyone who's following me, and the wonderful brides from my invitation site. I am forever grateful to all of you!!!
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Do you know the proper etiquette for your wedding? It's crazy trying to figure out all the proper ins and outs of having a wedding, especially a formal wedding. Going by the book keeps us steeped in the grandeur of tradition. In this day and age where even manners can be found missing it's glorious to see the splendor and timelessness of a wedding! However, do it right! Here is tip #1.

TIP #1
How many invitations do I need to order?

How many invitations should I order for my wedding?

The first thing you’ll need to do to determine the number of invitations you’ll need to order is get your complete list together including addresses. If your list consists of 200 people, you don’t need to order 200 invitations. You’ll need to only order one invitation per married couple. If they have children under the age of 18 the children may be included on the parents’ invitation listed under the parents name on the inner envelope. If there are children over 18 you must send a separate invitation to each child. If you’re inviting a man and woman living together, but not married, you may send one invitation listing the woman’s name first.


Should I order extra invitations?

I always recommend ordering 25 more than you need for last minute additions to your guest lists, and other mailing mishaps that can occur. It’s less expensive to order an additional 25 on you initial order, rather than ordering 25 more at a later date.

What’s the best way to select my font and ink color for the invitation I choose?

You can always use the recommended font and color that comes with the invitation as you place your order. However, you do have the option to select something different and really personalize your invitations. When you place your order you can experiment with different fonts and inks and view them on the virtual proof to see which one really suits your like and needs.

Ordering invitations is a crucial part of the wedding process. Remember, your invitations set the mood and theme for the entire wedding so you’ll want to take your time and find the perfect invitation ensemble to meet your needs.
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