These days many couples are opting to move their wedding out of the hometown setting and into the more exotic destination. No longer wanting a traditional stay at home wedding, today’s couples have become so much more adventurous on this ever shrinking planet. But, what’s right for you?


If you’re family and friend oriented and want to have everyone you know and love at your wedding, you’d be much better off staying at home and planning a huge glorious gala. Because of the travel costs incurred by a destination wedding, your wedding party and guest list will be much smaller than the hometown blowout. With it comes a sense of intimacy stemming from the camaraderie of traveling in a group and being in a foreign country with only your closest and dearest. Because of the distance, your wedding in a far off country will probably be a two to four day affair for everyone involved giving you a longer experience with your loved ones.

However, do remember that due to the expensive travel costs many of your beloved guests may not be able to make it, especially when we’re talking Europe or Asia. For the bride and groom the added expense is all part of the honeymoon, because you’re already there. All you have to do is wake up the next morning and you’re on your honeymoon.

With the ever growing sources on the internet you’ll easily be able to plan your destination wedding from invitations to hotels, it couldn’t be easier. Unlike the traditional “at home” wedding you can skip many of the necessities and traditions opting for the “less is more” rationale. All you really need is a great photographer to catch every detail and you’re good to go, or choose what things are important for you and create a whole new way to look at weddings.

Whatever your choice your wedding is all about you and your partner so whether you’re traveling or staying at home, stay true to yourself and you’ll have the perfect day!
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